To deliver happiness by exceeding expectations.

The Aquilibrium brand is driven by the future of our team that sets us apart.  We have been a leader in the beauty industry and will continue to strive for further growth in order to maintain the level of standard we are proud of.

core values

  1. HAPPINESS – Deliver WOW through service
  2. PASSIONATE – Be Driven and Determined
  3. INTEGRITY – Be Authentic using Ethical principles
  4. LOYALTY – Be Committed and Faithful to your obligations
  5. HONESTY – Build open and Honest Relationships with Communication
  6. PROFESSIONAL – Be Knowledgeable, Confident and Groomed
  7. EDUCATION – Pursue Growth and Learning
  8. GROWTH – Embrace and Drive Change
  9. BELONGING – Build a safe Positive Team and Family Spirit
  10. SPIRIT – Be Adventurous, Creative, Fun, Weird and Open Minded

about us

Aquilibrium is a full service salon that offers an assortment of unique service options to a diverse clientele and community.  We have moulded to our guests needs and have groomed each detail to enhance the experience of each individual.  Every reservation is an opportunity for our guests to take advantage of a personalized beauty experience and for us to build new long term customer relations.

Thank you for visiting aquilibrium.com, to book an apointment with us simply call 905.404.9097 or contact us.